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Kanemitsu (KAN1489)

Yoshimichi (YOS398)

  • tan , saipan59 , 3 years 21 weeks ago

    The character that resembles a boat sail in some signatures is "TAN".
    In the 3 examples above, it is the first char in the first one, and the 3rd char in the 2nd one.


  • mei of tanba kami yoshimichi , cbell , 3 years 21 weeks ago

    all these smiths carved the tanba in the shape of a boats sail, I did not see this character in any of theses sigantures

Yasuharu (YAS782)

  • List WAZAMONO - mixed , Lexco , 4 years 21 weeks ago

    List WAZAMONO - mixed.
    Student - Chikahiro (Sagami).

Yasukuni (YAS174)

  • Naminohira Yasukuni , ajiki , 4 years 41 weeks ago

    This smith worked and lived for quite a while and while no dated works of his are extant, he died in 1720 so his working period was much longer than 1704. Indeed in 1705 he received the title of Yamato Kami

Morishige (MOR819)

  • Thank you, I've corrected the , kazarena , 5 years 23 weeks ago

    Thank you, I've corrected the rating and reviwed other generations of Morishige. All of them should be in order now.

  • Fujishiro rating , Uechi , 5 years 23 weeks ago

    Current lisiting shows Jo Saku. In Fujishiro's book this smith is rated Chu Josaku not Jo Saku

Sanemitsu (SAN431)

  • Thank you, I've corrected the , kazarena , 5 years 23 weeks ago

    Thank you, I've corrected the rating.

  • Fujishiro rating , Uechi , 5 years 23 weeks ago

    Fujsishiro shows this as Chu JoSaku not JoSaku

Shigetaka (SHI505)

  • Fixed , kazarena , 5 years 28 weeks ago


  • Fujishiro rating , Uechi , 5 years 28 weeks ago

    The smith is rated as ChuJosaku not Josaku

Shigetaka (SHI506)

  • Thank you. Fixed. , kazarena , 5 years 28 weeks ago

    Thank you. Fixed.

  • Fujishiro rating , Uechi , 5 years 28 weeks ago

    The smith is rated as Chu Josaku not Josaku

Daiminkin (DAI53)

  • Romanization/Reading , glebec , 5 years 32 weeks ago

    Sesko and Watson both romanize as Daiminkyō. Sesko notes that it can also be read as Daiminkei. This would also apply to the following 大明京 smiths. 京 can indeed be read as kyō, kei, or kin – kyō being the most direct, it would seem. I leave it to you Stan to decide the best translation for this database.

Toshizane (TOS354)

  • Updated , kazarena , 5 years 32 weeks ago

    I've updated all *sane records and changed smith names and signatures to *zane. It looks better now!


  • Sane-Zane , kazarena , 5 years 33 weeks ago

    Yes, you are right. Same applies to other 200 smiths with names ending with 'sane' in the database. It was also annoying me recently and I will end up writing a mass-update script (changing 200 records + signatures is not fun). Soon, hopefully!


  • Romanization , glebec , 5 years 33 weeks ago

    Romanized as Toshizane in Sesko and Watson's translation of Fujishiro.

Sukeyoshi (SUK988)

  • re: sukeyoshi ID SUK 988 , falconj , 5 years 33 weeks ago

    'sukeyoshi' was a teacher of 'sakurai masatsugu' and at times worked for the 'fukuyama han' (clan)
    his workmanship represented bizen style works and he produced some tanto blades with a refined 'itame hada' with 'gunome midare' with 'muneyaki'
    he worked from late shinshinto era to meiji era
    he has signed his blades
    'fukuyama han sukeyoshi'
    'bishu osafune yokoyama sukeyoshi'
    also in 'bingo' provence

Shigehisa (SHI120)

  • Statistics , kazarena , 5 years 34 weeks ago

    As mentioned by Tanobe Michihiro sensei in Token Bijutsu issue 601, the following representative works of Shigehisa are extant:

    • 1 Juyo Bunkazai
    • 2 Juyo Bijutsuhin
    • 1 Tokubetsu Juyo Token (see 0000-1325 )
    • 1 Juyo Token

Tatsuyoshi (TAT15x)

  • Bibliography entry , kazarena , 5 years 35 weeks ago

    Ok, to create a new bibliography entry (you need it to add references to swordsmith records, you need to:

    • Go to
    • Fill out the book description, see for example
    • Don't forget to set a citation code - this one can then be used for quotes and references. In your case I put NEWGEN2002 as the new code (all upper-case, not dashed, reasonably short but unlikely to clash with other publications).
  • Thanks , glebec , 5 years 35 weeks ago
    1. In that case I will edit the father to also be from Shizuoka (currently listed as Izu).

    2. Appended -x to the ID (I agree this is a good idea).

    3. OK, I took a cursory look to see if I could add it to the bibliography but didn't see how to, so I'll look forward to your demonstration/instruction.

    4. Reformatted the signature to all lower-case. Semantically speaking I would argue that proper nouns should be capitalized as it improves comprehension / parsing, but it is certainly no major concern and I am all for stylistic standardization / cohesiveness.

  • Well done , kazarena , 5 years 35 weeks ago


    1. Yes, Shizuoka is the correct choice here: this is why the list of options contains both provinces (for pre-Gendai smiths) and prefectures (for modern smiths).

    2. Hawley ID - yes, take the next highest ID, and (this is my recent idea) add x in the end. So it will be TAT15x

    3. I will update the reference later today. You are using a book which is not in the Bibliography - I'll show you how to add it and then we can update the reference itself.

    4. Current convention is that rōmaji signatures are all lower-case.

    Other than that, it's a great start, keep it coming! Gendai smiths are definitely under-represented. I have tons of material, but my sweet spot is early Koto and there's only so much I was able to do... :-)


Akifusa (AKI89)

  • Romanization , glebec , 5 years 35 weeks ago

    "Correct" is a matter of perspective since numerous romanization schemes exist for Japanese and also Japanese pronunciation itself has changed over time; "Kōdzuke" is an example of one older style. And in any case, the reference is still unambiguous. However, it is true that the more common modern spelling is "Kōzuke."

    Since this is a site-wide matter (the nengō and provinces are pulled from tables, not written in manually each time) and not a note specific to this smith, I think that future suggestions or recommendations of this type probably make more sense as an email to Stanislav or a new thread in the discussion forums (

  • Province name , Uechi , 5 years 35 weeks ago

    The correct spelling is Kozuke not Kodzuke