This section contains smith's signature examples. There are three slots by default. If more slots are needed, fill in all 3 and click Preview button in the end of the form (or alternatively commit the record and edit it again). Three more empty slots will appear.

As mei (signatures) in both Kanji and Romaji are useful in studies, stores them in a special format, which allows flexible page rendering and the ability to search for particular signature regardless of the alphabet used. The format is as follow:


where <kanji> is the mei in Kanji and <romaji> is the mei in Romaji (all lowercase) and | separates them. Both parts are optional.


鑑忠|akitada - both Kanji and Romaji

|akitada - Romaji only

鑑忠  - Kanji only

Mei search page can be used for searching the database by full or partial signature in both Kanji and Romaji.