Publishing your personal collection

Please note that this feature is only available for registered users. Go to Create new account page to become a member of allows sharing members' personal collections with the community. This feature enables knowledge exchange, helps to initiate discussions of different Nihonto related items, to seek expert opinion and even advertise items for sale.

Each member can create an unlimited number of collections. Every collection consists of records of different types (e.g. swords, tsuba, etc. See below.) Every record can belong to only one collection (chosen on the collection item record edit page).

Currently there is either no limit on a number of resources per member (e.g. available space for photos, collection size etc) or the limit is very generous. This site is primarily targeting people interested in Nihonto and we try to make it as comfortable to use as possible. However, if demand exceed our hosting provider capabilities, reserves a right to review the limits (trying to be as accommodating as we can).

Please follow the steps below to publish your collection.

1. Create a private collection record

This record is a home of your collection. You will be able to see a list of all your items on your collection page.

  1. Go to Create Private Collection page.
  2. Fill in the name of your collection (it will be visible in the public list of collections and optional description.
  3. Click Preview to see how the collection page would look like once submitted.
  4. Click Save whenever it's ready.

2. Create item pages

Tip: before you start, prepare a square picture of your item. This will be your item cover. If it's a square picture, it will look particularly good in all the item lists.

  1. Go to Create Private Collection Item page.
  2. Pick an easily recognizable Display Name e.g. 'Kanemoto Katana'. This name will appear in all the lists of items.
  3. Choose the item type from the drop-down list. If you can't find the type of your item there, please use Custom Type field and type in the type in lower case.
  4. (optional) fill in a free text description
  5. IMPORTANT: Choose your collection from Collection Name drop-down.
  6. (optional) Fill in the inventory ID if you have/need one.
  7. Click Save
  8. 'Upload New Images' screen will appear. Follow the instructions to upload your photos.
  9. When finished, click 'Manage Images' to choose the cover image and licensing details.

You may edit your item page any time later.

When you are finished, go to Personal Collections page to see the results of your work.