FS: Japanese Nihonto swordsmith reference book set by Fujishiro, w/English by Watson

I listed on eBay:
Japanese swordsmith reference book set.
Nihon Toko Jiten, Shinto-hen and Koto-hen. Also Harry Afu Watson's English translations.
This is probably the premier Japanese swordsmith reference set, if you want authoratative info, and oshigata (tang pictures), and an English translation. EVERY serious Nihonto collector has the Fujishiro books. Does not cover "modern" (20th century) smiths. The Koto book is roughly pre-1600, while Shinto is post-1600. Other than modern smiths, Fujishiro covers every smith that is of any significant importance. Excellent condition, with a few small notes written in pencil (by me), and my name in ink inside the covers. I bought the Fujishiro books new in the late 80's, and Harry's translations when they were first published in 1991.
Included, as shown in the pictures:
- Koto-hen and Shinto-hen volumes, with slip covers, and English index pamphlet.
- Harry Watson's translation volumes (two).
I have been a Nihonto collector since 1982, but I am no longer active, and it's time to down-size some things before I retire.
Sold as-is (but the condition is Excellent).

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