I have decided to sell my Tanba No Kami Yoshimichi Wakizashi.,this sword ihas not been authenticated. the signature is there

I have owned this sword for over 50 years , the tip and blade are perfect, needs polishing, I believe the signature to be authentic as it matches the signature of an authenticated sword. I am asking $1200.00 for this art of Japanese sword smith Yoshimichi.


I happen to be selling (on consignment) a pair by Tango Kanemichi, which is a descendant of yours.
If yours is authenticated, the smith would possibly be the father or grandfather of my katana. My wakizashi is by the son of the katana. They are KAN1403 and KAN1404.


Mine are relatively more expensive, because they have a recent polish, and both have "papers" (kanteisho). The wak has both NBTHK and NTHK papers. Their polish and kantei was brokered by John Yumoto, who was a very famous collector in the U.S.

I suggest that you post some more pictures, showing (if possible) the highlights of the hamon. The photography is difficult. Since yours is by a Mishina smith, you should try to show the classic Mishina features where possible, such as the "Mishina boshi", the "Kyo yakidashi", and any occurrence of sudareba, kikusui, or other hamon features that Mishina smiths were known for.