New member needs help with sword

Hello, My name is Josh and I am a new member, and have little knowledge in this area. I own a sword that has been in family for 70 years, from WW II. A research application has been opened concerning this swords original owner, but I would like to confirm the information I am being told. Originally thought to be made in 1800's, writing on the tang now shows it is from Fujiwara Sakon Shougen Kagekuni. The date shows to be 1259 or 1324, being either 1st Kagekuni or 3rd Kagekuni. Is there any way to tell the difference? I also have the canteen of the last owner with writing on it. We are negociating the return to Japan and the original family. Any help would be great.
I am having trouble with pictures due to 2 mb limit on picture. I can email them to someone.


Hi Josh, both pictures are of the same side of the tang, and it is a date, not a signature.
Is there a signature on the other side?
Also, what is "opening a research application"?

The date could possibly be Shohei 2, which is 1348.
But I'm a little skeptical that this is a 14th-century tang, but I could easily be wrong...



Thanks for you reply. You are very close on the date. The polisher has been looking at both sides of the blade. The other side of the blade reads " "a day in the 8th month of the second year of Sho-chu" or August 1325." The front side apparently reads " Fujiwara Sakon Shokan Kagekuni". I thought it was from the 1100's, but it seems to be a little later. The blade is in "Good" not excellent condition. otherwise all original. Any idea what something this is worth after being polished by expert?
PS: A guy in Japan was wanting to open a research through ministry of Health I believe. I was trying to find the original family that owned the sword for possible donation back to original family that it was taken from.


It's not possible to estimate the "value" without seeing it. The polish may reveal nice features, or it may reveal flaws.
May I ask who is doing the polishing?
If the blade is in Japan for polishing, you should submit it for "papers" while it is there - the extra cost is small compared to the cost of polishing, etc.