I AM FROM ARGENTINA , I have a katana of master smith Kanesada

It has performed a test of carbon-14 , and we found that it is more than 400 years old. I send a picture of a rice paper with a old kanji, could you tell me what does it say? This paper was taked out of the katana's handle. I will try to send you all the pictures that you need. Thanks for your time, Alejandro Ludvik from Argentina.

need better pictures

Hi, your pictures are all very small and low resolution. For example, on picture 13, I can't see anything.


Hi Alejandro, The pictures

Hi Alejandro,

The pictures are a little small but the kanji on the paper look like they match those on the tang of the sword. I'm struggling with the first one - somewhere, ju Kanesada - ?住兼定 - made by Kanesada living in ...

Kind regards,


The mei is "SEKI JUu KANESADA".
The SEKI is written in a simpler style than normal.