Showa Sword?-false Fuchi?

Hi folks, here I come with new problematic issues (apologies for any irritations), number 1. Recently Purchased mu-mei Katana as Showa sword, however, my doubts that the guy who sold it to me has missed the "little" in the Periods, I modest believe that this looks (in my eyes) a typical Bungo sword from late Shintyo early Shin-Shinto Period. Thankful in advance for any kind of correction to my statement. Number 2: probable way Edo Tsuka (OK, I buy) but this Mei I have strong gut feeling for it to be false (If that's the case who put together a genuine Tsuka with false Fuchi?), OR?,Genuine Kanji? Can someone suggest these Kanji to me ?, deeply grateful dear people, for all your effort on this, greet everyone.

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Showa blade

I think the blade is Showa.
- Fresh rust on the nakago.
- Edges of nakago are "sharp".
- No polisher marks near the mune-machi (under the habaki). What does the habaki look like?
- Mekugi-ana edges are "sharp", like made with a drill.
- Ha-machi is very strong. Is the edge sharp at the ha-machi?
- Hamon and blade shape look like Showa to me.



I agree with Pete, it's a Showa (Taisho max) blade. There are no indication for the blade to be any older than that. Fittings look contemporary too. Sorry!


Showa Sword?-false Fuchi?

Hey guys, excuse my late reaction for your effort I had problems with my Volvo,thanks very much,really appreciate, jeh,so that was with the rust on the Nakago,of course,am almost ashamed that I did not think of this before (with my knowledge that I should have thought),this may be a good excuse:the fact is that when I bought this sword so my concentration was more on this box which is,you have to admit,very hard to find and this Katana low in this box, the Dude who sent this box home has served in the NAB Navy from 1943-1945 and participated in the battles of Tarawa, Tulagi, and finally where he has died in the battle for Saipan,so actually he never sent himself this box home, but the Navy sent in his name(this was confirmed by my contact with their registry unit).Now,inside the box low very horde pressed in the other end of the box newspaper from January 10 1946 St.Luis Oversea Edition for Armered soldiers + certificate current for:a piece Japanese rifle-archive numerical + a piece a Japanese bayonet but however,this text bayonet was strikethrough and written Sword-archive numerical, the certificate issued by the Navy from 1946 in Los Angeles Base.+,hold on now,I found behind all this things his piece of the bloody shirt with a message written with some kind of ink(?)or something,the only thing I could read with a large loupe glass was weak word "sorry... for..... everyt....,I guess at the end of this text becomes:"hing",and then the text is completely illegible and completely gone,then found lot of garbage,among other things cardboard pieces of Lilly's Tea Copp Corporation 1948.Apologies much that I say this,:NOT BAD?.Regarding a katana?,Wel, it appeared quite interesting in the blade.
Guys what happened to my Fuchi and Kanji on this?, Genuine, not genuine ?, no response at all, grateful in advance if someone takes their time and look at this, friendly to all, Miko.
P.S.I have pictures of all this, however not know how I'll put them up?,not the same as last time.


The fuchi may be a cast copy?


Ian C