Help with Sword

Hello to all of you on the forum, please help someone with my katana, dells with Kanji translation dells of determining the period, Myself guess the late Muromachi or early Shinto,possibly a Bizen sword?,extremely grateful in advance, greetings, Miki.

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Hi Miko.

In my opinion, seems to be the 祐定 kanjis, which can be read as SUKESADA's mei. The swordsmiths from this school are indeed bizen, going from muromachi to late edo period. Yours seems to be muromachi. You will find a lot of information on Sukesada's swordsmiths on nihonto club website and on other Internet ressources. The quality of those blades are very variable from a smith to another. For example, some of them are poor quality blades (kazu-uchi mono) because of the great demand for blades during the sengoku times.


Help with Sword

Thank you kindly for your posts,something that I was most concerned about that this was not "dead blade", then they are usually worthless metal pieces,unless someone has good contacts in Japan and get this rescued,I have no such contacts, unfortunately.What I would like to know which Sukesada have made this Katana,Today morning came the package with Sukesada and now I've done (the best way I have been able) took my own pictures of Katana.greetings.