1942 Milatary Sword


I was asked by a friend if I could identify the markings on a sword. I was asked because I work with Japanese nationals to see if they could read the markings under the handle.

See the attached pics.

We have Identified the date easily on one side, but we were only able to identify one of the other two markings on the 2nd pic.
We think the first marking is "goverment" so some sort of military sword.

However the other marking is a mystery, we suspect its the swordsmiths signature, however we cannot find it in any database.

It was given to the current owner by a Japanese officer in Malaysia at the end of the 2nd WW.

So can anyone out there recognise the last character ??

Thanks in advance.


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The two chars are both part of the signature.
The first one is MASA (also read as SEI or SHOu, old Nelson #2045).
This is a GUNTOu, which is a partially machine-made blade from WWII. The date says 1942.