another sword mei

Still in training, I have another sword I am trying to identify the first charter appears to be SA but after that I have trouble, any ideas



sorry, another fake

It doesn't matter what the MEI says, it's not real.
Pretty much everything I see in the pictures says "fake" to me.
You really should try to make contact with some experienced collectors so that they can show you stuff.
These days, Nihonto collectors need a "how to spot a fake" class.
When I was active in collecting (20+ years ago), the only fakes were a few post-war souvenirs, but they were very obvious. And there was also the "fantasy blades" sold at cutlery shops, but they wouldn't fool anybody either.
Today, the Chinese are trying to make them look more real, to take advantage of newbies.

Sorry again,

How to spot a fake

A how to spot a fake guide would be a good idea. Nothing compares to hands on experience, there's a lot in the feel of a thing, but a text and photo guide would be helpful. Maybe members here could come up with one?

oh dear

well not to give up yet.


spot-a-fake guide

To create such a thing, the pictures would of course be key.
Perhaps a useful format would be two columns, with "good" on one side, "bad" on the other side, and arrows and text to point out the differences.