Swordsmith Index: Fujishiro/Toko Taikan rating clean-up

Hi All,

While going through the smiths of Aoe school in Swordsmith Index I once again was reminded of noisy/wrong/questionable smith ratings (Fujishiro/Toko Taikan) which still exist in the database. It was always in my list of things to clean up and now it's time. I'm going to archive and remove the following information:

  • Fujishiro ratings for smiths which don't have references to Fujishiro's Nihon Toko Jiten populated.
  • Toko Taikan ratings for smiths which don't have references to Toko Taikan populated.

This data was a part of initial database upload, I don't know/remember where it came from and hence this data can't be verified. Moreover, I noticed on numerous occasions that these values are not in line with the original books, with no traceability as of why these ratings were changed. Data quality is one of my highest priorities while working on Nihonto Club resources and I believe it's a step in the right direction.

Once this is done, eventually someone can go through the books and confirm/fix the remaining ratings (Hawley ratings are 99% correct, even though they are the least useful ones).

I would appreciate your feedback on this matter.



Hi All,

I have removed the spurious ratings from Swordsmith Index, including 3177 Fujishiro ratings and 658 Toko Taikan ratings.

This is another example of our data policy in action: there should be no data without provenance.



Hi Stan,

With the index I have for the Koto ed. of Fujishiro, I could make a lot of headway in the NTJ rankings.

In the Editor's Assistant, I can filter by FS not empty and sort by FS, but it treats the FS column in a purely alphabetical sense:

{K10, K100, K104, K106, K107, K11, K111, K112, K113…}

Is there any way you could somehow program it to ignore the first character and treat the remainder as a numerical sort, just for the FS rankings?

Also, would it be possible to add a FS ranking column to the Editor's Assistant so I don't have to click through each smith to check them?

Those two things would save a ton of time. But I realize that it might take a non-trivial amount of time for you to accomplish, so don't worry too much about it.



Editor's Assistant

Hi Gabriel,

Unfortunately it's a little bit involved exercise to make references sort correctly. I can only recommend to switch to 'Is equal to' filter and use specific page references, i.e. 'K21'

As for adding the rating to Smith Editor page - done!


Ah, I thought it might be

Ah, I thought it might be tricky. But adding the rating to the chart will certainly speed things up even without the perfect sort!

I'll start on it when I can (busy this weekend).

Slow going

This is definitely a long-term project. I'm making slow progress, trying to start with the unequivocal stuff first, but there are a lot of mismatches and conflicting lineages.

Stan, for some reason there are a minority of smiths which I can't seem to edit. I am adding comments to those that I need to change stuff on, maybe you can figure out why it's not working for those smiths?

Hi Gabriel,I'm still looking

Hi Gabriel,

I'm still looking into the reasons why you can't edit certain records - permissions must have been remembered somewhere for these smiths because once I update them, you can then edit them from your account. Example: YOS1477. I'll keep looking.




You should be able to edit any smith records now. It was an issue with site permissions.

I will update the records which you marked as non-editable.



Will resume corrections.

New 'recent comments' page

Gabriel & All,

Due to increased activity around smith record corrections I've created a new view which allows you to track all the recent comments left in Swordsmith Index: Recent Comments. I find it very useful now to ensure your comments are addresses.


Recent updates to Swordsmith Index

I've also added a page to track all recent changes in Swordsmith Index by date.

See here