wakizashi mei identification


Please help to translate mei.

At the moment I found next characters:


But it is incorrect.

Please tell, what do you think about this sword?

I am very worrying about grooves. Is it made by amateur or skilled specialist?
I think grooves have not correct geometry.

Thank you very much
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Minamoto Masakuni

The name is Minamoto Masakuni.
I don't know if the HI (grooves) are proper or not really, but it looks OK to me...?


Hi Pete,Thank you for your

Hi Pete,

Thank you for your reply.

1.備 (???) - Looks like bi, but it is not a bi.
2. ??? - I do not know, because many looks like this. In the registration card there is a stick and two points, but on the tang there is no stick.
3.源 - Minamoto
4.正 - Masa
5.國 - Kuni
6.作 - saku (saku in not clearly seen, and I think it is not saku because of curl on the end).
In the registration card last character is saku.

Please help to find first and second characters.
What do you think about saku?

Thank you very much.


The first two characters are "MUZOu".
"MU" means "without", "ZOu" means "hate".
So, it is probably a slogan.


Thank you Pete.I am very

Thank you Pete.

I am very appreciated for your help.

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