sword signature

hi there iam new on here. I have just picked up a sword that has been in the family for years, apparently was taken from a soldier in new guinea. I was hoping someone my be able to translate the signature for me hopefully ther pictures will be ok, not much of a photographer.
thanks heaps mal


The smith's name is Kane-something. The 'something' looks like TAKE or JOU (old Nelson #151), but I could be wrong.

The first two kanji look like "Kiyotake".


any idea what the lobster is

any idea what the lobster is about i have looked a bit online but cannot find much thanks for the start


I'd say it's a shrimp, not a lobster.
Just one of many common figures in Japanese art.


some more pictures

just added some more pics. might sound like a stupid question but which way do u read the signature blade up or down to the blade. also does anyone know if this signature has a date in it. thanks guys


You read it with the tip pointing upwards.
There's no date.
Disregard what I said about the first two being "Kiyotake" - I was mistaken.

The whole thing is:
"Jimmu" was the first emperor of Japan.
"Jimmu fusatsu" might be a patriotic slogan.
"Saku" means "made (by)".
"Takayama" might refer to a place name(?). It is also a common family name.

One of your new pictures appears to show a stamp in the tang, probably a "Seki stamp". It's common on blades made during WWII.