Help with garage sale find

Hi all,

Thank you for accepting me into this community. I recently acquired a nihonto style blade and I'm trying to find some info on it. It is made from Damascus so I'm expecting it be a modern blade. Picked it up at a garage sale for $25 and want to sharpen it up to use for cutting practice, however I want to make sure my assumptions are correct before i break out the stones. Thank you for any assistance you can provide


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Chinese fake

Hi Nathan,
In my opinion, it a Chinese-made fake, intended to look like a Japanese sword (and therefore sell for a high price on eBay to someone who doesn't know better). $25 sounds like a reasonable value for it.
Break out the stones!
As for cutting with it: Be careful! It is likely poor quality steel - not as good as a cheap kitchen knife, just bigger. It might bend, warp, or break easily. Cheap "damascus" steel is mass-produced in China.
Also, check that the handle is solid and tight, and that the mekugi (handle peg) is good.
Also, for someone with Kenjutsu experience, the weight and balance may not be so good.


Thanks Pete, that's is more

Thanks Pete, that's is more or less what I was expecting for $25. I'll get an edge on it and see how it does