Am new to forum, could use help with signature

Hi everyone, new to collecting, this is my first, possibly my only as I don't think I can afford investment in another.

Just picked up an O-Wakisashi(? 21.1", is this O-wakisashi or simply wakisashi) signed by Tada Hitachi no Kami Muneshige.

I can find precious little about this swordsmith, what I did find did not include Tada and I even wonder if it's the Singnature with and without "tada" is same smith.

The sword is authentic with nbthk green papers, (especially precious, issued 1971)

Help about Wakisashi - 'Hisakuni' Unknow Mei

Dear Sirs,

I'm from a fencer's family, we always like sword and now, I practice martial arts and have a budo shop in Paris.

My request is about a old wakisashi Meï (signature).
Please see pictures.

This wakisashi is about 52,8cm lenght, in a Satsuma's Koshirae. The nakago looks like old sword with red rust. The sword was in bad state but i'm making a cleaning with shirasaya koshirae. Just waiting the result to be able to see the original work.

The Mei seems made with 3 kanji (maybe 4) the 2 last are 'Hisakuni' 久國.

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