Confession to make

In case if you were wondering why it's been so quiet here for last 6 months, I may reassure you that there is still a great deal of work to do (and many new ideas also) in order to keep improving the resource, and it will be dealt with sooner or later. However, at some stage I realized that further development of Nihonto Club will be difficult, if not impossible, without some very important skill. Therefore I had to finally start formal learning of Japanese language last February. Which I'm enjoying to the very last bit and which takes all my free time (ex. office work, building a house and enjoying a newly married life). It progresses very well and open a whole new meaning in some aspects of Nihonto. I sincerely suggest you taking up Japanese, it's great fun. We all know there are lots of books out there ready to be read.

I am as committed as never before to add new content and share the pleasure of Nihonto study and appreciation, it's just the natural limit of 24 hours per day which prevents me temporarily from doing so.

I wish you all the best in the meantime.