Public references

References field contains a list of resources where particular sword was mentioned.

Key Description
DTIYYYY-xx Dai Token Ichi catalog for YYYY (year), Page xx
JS-xx The Japanese Sword: A Comprehensive Guide, Sato, Kanzan, Page xx
MH-xx Meihin Katanaezu Shusei, Michihiro Tanobe, Page xx
MJS-xx Modern Japanese Swordsmiths: 1868-1945, John Slough, Page xx
NK-xx-Fyy Page yy of Frontispiece section of Nihonto Koza Volume xx
NK-xx-yy Page yy of the main text of Nihonto Koza Volume xx
NMK-xx-yy yy-th record on page xx of Nihonto Meikan
NN-xx-yy-zz Page zz of Albert Yamanaka's Newsletter, Volume xx, Issue yy
TB-K-xx Token Bijutsu - Koto Edition (English), Page xx
TB-S-xx Token Bijutsu - Shinto Edition (English), Page xx
TBJ-xx-yy NBTHK Magazine (Japanese Edition), Issue xx, Page yy

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