Meihin Katanaezu Shusei

TitleMeihin Katanaezu Shusei
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsTanobe, Michihiro
Number of Pages204

Original title: 名品刀絵圖聚成.

This spectacular book sold out of its sole, limited printing of 600 copies well before distribution. This definitive reference of important swords contains 204 large format examples, with each example taking up one page with oshigata and photographs. In addition, detail of mei are included, some with additional comparisons. All oshigata were produced by Tanobe Michihiro (NBTHK). The blades are the finest examples: kokuho, important cultural property, art object and the like. The book itself is simply beautiful. Double boxed, the book is tied with tape (ito) and then stored in a two-fold, cloth covered folio that closes with pegs. The large format provides unparalleled representation. In all, an exceptional reference for the serious collector. An English index is also included.

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