Sword id

Hello Freinds,

Found this at a flea market and wondering if anyone can help me identify.

I am probably the least

I am probably the least qualified person to speak here but I feel compelled to do so because it seems so many people make posts and no one responds to their inquiries. I posted something a few days ago and no one has said a word. Perhaps I didn't title my subject appropriately OR I unknowingly broke a rule/guideline OR there is not a lot of traffic here OR people saw my pics and laughed. When I look at your pics I am skeptical. Doesn't look like any Japanese I've ever seen. Again, I am no expert. If I were I'd be running this site and not asking questions and seeking help. If I were at a flea market and saw that sword, I'd think it was Chinese-made and probably just a few years old. Maybe if you posted some more pics of different parts close-up, it would be easier to determine. I hope I haven't made anyone angry by responding here...this was my first response in this group.
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Thank you for the reply

I also suspected the kanji right from the start but the price was very reasonable and it made a good wall hanger.