Sword ID and Info Request

Sword id

Hello Freinds,

Found this at a flea market and wondering if anyone can help me identify.

New Member, Looking for help with sword identification.

Hello, I recently acquired a sword that I was told dated from the 1670's-1680's. Unfortunately I neither read or speak Japanese and my area seems to be lacking in people with any knowledge of the subject of antique swords.

I was also wondering if there is anyone in the U.S. capable and qualified to do a proper restoration, as you will see from the photos it isn't in what I would call great shape.

Any help anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Help translating tang signature

Recently inherited a sword that my greatgrandfather acquired during his time in the pacific during WW2.

Trying to get a translation of the tang signature.

There is:

1) A small symbol with finer lines, sort of hard to see.
2) Three larger symbols.

Thank you in advance for any help.


Sword ID and Info Request

Can anyone ID this sword makers name or any data about this blade?

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