old short sword ?

this really old short sword, 14 and seven eights, from tip to notch, i took a pic of the mune looks like some slash marks on it , the reason i say this the block on the right they all look alike, i just wanted to see if you all have seen this or do you think its just damage, i no there is damage to, but there seems something about these where a lot of them look the same... thanks

zoom in

zoom in the see uniformity

anybody no anything

anybody no anything


To me they look like marks left from using the back of the blade to parry. I don't know how common this would be with nihonto but I have an asian dagger with very similar marks on the back edge.

yea it could be, its funny

yea it could be, its funny most of them is just on the left sided of the mune, which coujd mean a right handed person maybe, the sword feels weighted for a right hand swing im by no means a expert, thanks