Character Identification

Can anyone ID the highlighted character? It looks like HARU, but is slightly different. I am very new to this so be kind! Thanks for your help guys.

Also, if it's relatively easy, would anyone mind confirming my attempted translation. It's the 1st one I have ever done on a blade I recently aquired.

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It is "Noshu ju Kaneharu saku".
See KAN834 as an example of the kanji.



BTW, the tang and signature look rather "fresh". I would suggest that this blade is 20th century (such as before/during WWII).


Yeah, I think its Showa as

Yeah, I think its Showa as well, not enough rust or wear to be an oldie. Kaneharu was a Showa smith in Mino (noshu) according to the web. Thinks Pete!

Kane822 is the Showa period

Kane822 is the Showa period smith going by that name...

probably not KAN822

...But KAN822 has a different kanji for "HARU".
Although it's possible that the smith used different kanji, it's more likely to be a different guy.


Gotcha and thanks for your

Gotcha and thanks for your help. I have a lot to learn!