Help translating Mei 3

This is the last of me 3 swords. This is a katana. The Mei is on the Omote and the Ura has painted charachers. I haven't found any information for this sword yet. Thanks again for any help.

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The name is KANE-something. The something is not a common kanji (to me).
The painted numbers are 3141 - it would be an assembly number from WWII.
This is probably a WWII-vintage blade.


probably Kaneaki

The name is probably "Kaneaki".
The AKI kanji is likely number 5040 in Nelson's old version dictionary.
It also strongly resembles number 3458 (ROu, ko), in which case the name would likely be read as "Kaneko".
But I think Kaneaki is more likely, since there are documented smiths with that name.

See KAN652 and KAN653.