Private owner sword

Can someone help me translate the writing on this Japanese sword. The story is my uncle brought it home from World War II, said he got it "off of a" Japanese soldier, but I doubt that. :) Thanks so very much!

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Hi, the signature is "ETCHUu JUu FUJIWARA KIYOMITSU".
See KIY215.
I'm not saying that KIY215 is definitely the maker of this blade, but he could be.



Thanks, so much, Pete.

What does the ETCHUu JUu FUJIWARA mean? Is that a name of a person?


Etchu is a province. Today the prefecture is Toyama.
Ju means "resident of".
Fujiwara is a historic clan name (Google for details). It can also be a family name, but in this case the swordsmith is claiming to be a descendant of the old Fujiwara clan. It's fairly common on sword signatures.
Kiyomitsu is the smith's "art name" (not his real name) - like a pen name.

FYI, on your blade, the shape of the end of the tang (nakago-jiri) is a style called "Iriyamagata". That style is common to the Etchu area (Kaga, Kashu, etc.).



Thank you so much. You have given such good information. It's going to be fun to research. I'm sure I'll have more questions!!