kanji compare

I seem to have too much free time today, so I took the image from "Candleabra's" post and marked the matching strokes between his and the known-good examples, using colors to match the strokes.
I don't follow your comment about 'horizontal' vs 'vertical' on those particular strokes (the purple ones) - all examples are horizontal. Perhaps you're misinterpreting the equivalent strokes.

In red color, I marked the differences that I think are most obvious, and a likely indication that they were written by different people.

The diffs that I think are the most important are:
The junction of the blue and orange strokes - in yours, the orange stroke starts signifantly below the start of the blue stroke.
The angle of the green strokes - yours are mostly horizontal; others are mostly vertical.



Hi Pete,

So many differences. Almost like there was no care and attention in the act of trying to deceive. I suppose if you don't have the luxury of having a nakago with a genuine signature in front of you, then it would all be complete guesswork in creating a false signature as you would have nothing to go on. It's so easy for us now, given modern technology/ the internet. It's probable that you would never have had the chance to see the genuine article before creating a gimei. I suppose if you did get your hands on one, you would quickly get out a sheet of paper and do a rubbing. That must've happened in rare circumstances - then you could probably create a very accurate copy signature that would fool most people.

Anyway, I'm happy in the knowledge that I have a period piece with Kunisuke features but that's it!