help with signature please

hello, help me with signature translate please.

Thanks Prasit

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I'm only learning to translate signatures, so please forgive me if I'm totally wrong. I think it's "omi no kami hōjōji tachibana masahiro" MAS147 in the database. I'm having trouble with the date, maybe Kanbun, seventh? year, eighth month, and then I'm not sure. So possibly August 1668.
Hopefully someone else will be able to answer more confidently than me.

Well done

Well done. You have the mei correct, and I think the nengo also. The year number might be "9", rather than 7.
The last 2 kanji are "KICHI NICHI", meaning "a lucky day". It's a very common way to end a signature-date.



Correction: The year number is "GANNEN", meaning "1st year".



Thanks Pete. Was my first go at a date. I wont be thrown by "a lucky day" next time.


Hello, thank you all for the help. The date is then in 1661?