once again real or fake

Ok i know yall are probably getting tired of me posting asking for help so i apologize. But yall have help me greatly. And until i get through the book pete recommend. I have to keep asking. Ok here is another ebay gunto. So far the price is cheap at about 250 with one day to go.is it a real gunto?


100% fake. Every single detail in this sword is wrong. You really need to look at real examples.



I'm trying trust me. Some of the examples. In the links you guys have given me show just plan machine made blades with a serial numbers and a arsenal mark. Others show the tangs with writting and others still show some Gunto's with an all aluminum handle. Those are strictly nco correct? So I'm trying. But am so use to sabers. It gets confusing for me.

gunto for sale

Just did a quick look on eBay, these appear to be real (in my opinion):
I'm sure there are more.



261690176152 MIGHT be a better-than-average blade. Note that it is signed tachi-mei, and shorter than normal for WWII.

The seller for 400815200765 has a lot of stuff, and seems to honestly describe things. For example, he uses the term "arsenal blade" because it has a Seki stamp. Many sellers would conveniently overlook the stamp, because it means that it is NOT a traditionally hand-forged blade. He is also able to read signatures (or has someone helping him).

The trend I'm seeing is that the stuff that is clearly worth looking at is likely to be over $1000, and will have lots of people watching/bidding.


free advice

I should mention that "free advice may only be worth what you pay for it".
I have not done any serious research on these eBay items. It's up to you to decide.

I would definitely recommend trying to identify honest sellers, and deal only with them. Maybe start an e-mail conversation with them, to explain what you want (and don't want), and see where it goes.


thanks pete

Always thank you will do that.

messaging problem?

Hi Edward, I've gotten 2 or 3 emails from NihontoClub.com saying that there is a new private message from you today, but when I try to go to the message, it says "page not found".

Stan: Is there something wrong with the messaging today?

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Pete, I'll have a look at

Pete, I'll have a look at this problem. I don't think it's meant to be like that.