TV Japan (cable channel here in the U.S., with content from NHK) had an interesting program last night about polishing. It featured a togishi (polisher) named Sasaki, and 2 current students and one former student. The 3 students are each polishing a blade to enter into a competition.
It was all in Japanese, so I didn't understand some stuff, but I believe they spent 8 weeks. There were good shots and commentary about how the hamon is brought out, and also about how critical the kissaki (tip) is.


Hi Pete, That's interesting,

Hi Pete,

That's interesting, thanks for the tip. I'll try to find this program.


is this the one?


Yes, that's it - and with English commentary!
I'm watching it now...

It's funny how Yuki yells when the food is ready... :-)
This gives some good insights about what it's like to be a traditional apprentice.
About 25 years ago, when I met the smith Magoroku Kanemoto, he said that his apprentice would spend the first couple of years doing things like cutting charcoal for the forge.