My dad has owned this wakizashi for some time now. We've been looking at symbols but honestly don't have a clue what's going on. Yes that's paint over the symbols courtesy of my dad's "enhancement". The blade was "cleaned" in the 80s with something like 450 grit sand paper.

Kawachi Kami Minamoto Yasunaga

Looks to me like Kawachi Kami Minamoto Yasunaga. If you look up YAS870 in the database I think that's him.


I agree that is the signature, however I think it's gemei comparing it to the signature in TK696 it doesn't match. Yasunaga 1661- 1681 worked in Settsu provance an is rated at 80 points in Hawleys so he was considered an excellent smith. He worked in Itame hada. His Hamon where choji-midare, gomone-madare, and suguba.