Kaga no Kami Sadanori

Hi, I'm looking for examples of katana by Sadanori. Google hasn't turned up much so just wondering if anyone here has one, or any pictures of one?


Hi Adam,

I have few pictures & oshigata of swords by Sadanori. Let's me compile a set and I'll share it with you next week.


Thanks a million.

Thanks a million.

Hi, I've posted 5 swords by


I've posted 5 swords by Sadanori (see SAD595). I have 5-6 more from internet sales + few more from books.

Once I have everything posted, I'll give you a link to more detailed photos.


Thats great, thanks so much.

Thats great, thanks so much. I might be on a wild goose chase but it's worth a shot.



I've posted more swords on Sadanori page. You may collect more detailed information from here:

link removed

Please let me know when you download it so I can delete it.


Downloaded that now. Thanks

Downloaded that now. Thanks once again.

Mystery sword

I printed off one of the signatures to compare with the rusty remains of the mei on my sword and I think it does say kaga no kami sadanori, some of the characters are illegible. If the signature is real is the next question. The blade is too far gone to go to the expense of polishing and even though I’ve cleaned it up myself there’d be little point in sending it to shinsa. The shape, hamon and dimensions are spot on for kambun/enpo era. The koshirae might yield a few clues, but who knows if they’re original to the blade. It’s now less of a mystery sword but I don’t think I’ll ever know for certain if it’s a sadanori. Still not bad for €80. Thanks again Stan.

Can't believe no one has

Can't believe no one has given out to me for cleaning a blade myself! Should have said I'd never recommend anyone try cleaning a blade.