Questionalbe tanto

I've had this tanto for several years and continue to wonder about it. The omote is signed: "Uchi Mono Ume Tada Hiko Ichi", with a horimono of a tiger in the bamboo. On the Ura side it is simply signed, "Tada Hiro," with a carving of bamboo. Unusual format. The Tadahiro kanji doesn't match any specimen signatures that I have access to but there was a long line of this group & I have no idea if this is truly a genuine Mei of a lesser member or if it is simply gemei but on an uncommon side of the nakago? The reference to Hikoichi is also troubling since I can find "no examples" of his signature, an as a student of Umetada he might be expected to make carvings for the Hizen group, if in fact this is his work. I understand his work is very rare and on this piece it seems to take more prominence as a carver over Tadahiro as a sword-smith. I'll try to add several scans for your viewing. Any opinions would be interesting.

Questionable Tanto

Sorry everyone, I tried to add some scanned images from my desk top, several times, and went down the "How to attach images & files to your posts, but, alas, no luck. I do consider myself a professional Computer idot & don't understand most of the available formats, perhaps somewhere in the system there are some duplicte images but I can't begin to tell you where. I'll try to get my son to come up & see if he can straighten me out. Again, sorry.

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