Hi there,

Could anyone give me some information on this mei, the translation i was given is 'Gas of Life -By Amasaku'
I have no idea if the translation is accurate. The sword could be a fake or original, I just cannot gather and history on it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you guys...


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Hi Ciaran,The inscription

Hi Ciaran,

The inscription reads:

生命のガス 天作

I don't think it means anything in the world of Japanese swords. It's a modern sword which doesn't imitate any 'real' swords, so calling it 'a fake' is not completely appropriate. But I don't think it was made using traditional methods and doesn't qualify as Nihonto.

Someone else had a sword with the same inscription, it seems: Maybe the smith was a fan of Ramones :-)


Tensaku has gas...

My wife laughed when she saw this :-) .
She read the name as "Tensaku", FWIW...

It looks like it was "carved" by a non-Asian person, because the characters are written too carefully, just like printing.