Hello all.
I got another tanto . After a friend got the tsuka of of it was signed Kaneyasu but could members help with era and which smith it is?
Many thanks
Perhaps i should have said i bought this tanto a while back but had to send it to a friend to remove the tsuka as it was glued and i was doing more damage than good. He sent me the image of the me hense the poor quality image i posted.
I could get him to send more if required.

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Hi Peter,

I compared signature and style with Monju Kaneyasu, the most well known of 包保 (KAN430-KAN432) and it doesn't seems to match. We can immediately exclude left-handed Kaneyasu (KAN430). Right-handed signatures look more 'pointy', with more pronounced stroke endings. 包 looks different too.

I think it's either work of some less known Kaneyasu (see full list ) or a gimei.

I can't guess the age from the provided photos. If you have some better ones, I can give it a try.



thanks for the reply Stan,
i will post more images when i get it back,