Good evening Gentlemen,

Hope all are well.

After talking with my Sensei, I feel bad about asking for this blade to be Kantei.
He won't even look at it, told me I shouldn't be either.
So I apologize for offending your eye, I am learning as fast as I can.
Can't buy anymore blades until I learn a lot more than I know now.


find a club

No problem. We all start somewhere.
As I mentioned before, becoming acquainted with an experienced collector is the best and fastest way to learn.
I don't know where you live, but in the U.S. or Europe nearly every large city will have collectors, and perhaps a "Token Kai" (sword club).
In my area, we had a club that would meet each month at a downtown Japanese restaurant. Folks would bring their "latest finds" to show to everybody else, and you could hear their opinions and experiences. Some of the members were "dealers", so they were trying to buy and sell things. Others were just collectors. Be a little bit careful with dealers. Sometimes they will try things like "your blade is junk, but I will give you $100 for it (...and then sell it for $500...)".


Thanks Pete

I live far from any city, nearest town is 75 kilometers away, too small for sword clubs. However my Sensei is only an email away.
Maybe with his help, and all the information available on the net including the sword forums, I will learn something this year.
I appreciate all your guys patience.