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Hello to ALL,
i haven,t been on for a while but am asking for information on a waki not long back from polish, was in a bad state and i am pleased with the outcome, so any information on this would be most helpful, it seems Surage and badly done at that, horizontal file marks and hope my pic although not good will help a little,
many thanks,

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new images

Hi guys
i,m hoping its my poor photo skills thats stopping people commenting,
not sure if these are much better but have a look please,
many thanks,

Hi Peter, The latest photos

Hi Peter,

The latest photos are actually quite good!

It's just my kantei skills aren't good enough. I find mumei suriage wakizashi to be the most difficult to analyse. Tachi/tanto have mush more clues. I'll think over this one.



Hi Stan .
Thanks for having a look.