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I have a Kai Gunto and am having a tough time find information on the smith. The blade has no armoury stamps or other markings aside from the tsuba, which may be just chance flaws. I have been told by two gentlemen that the smith is POSSIBLY Harima (no) Kami Fujiwara Masamichi from an approx date of 1684 out of Settsu. The preceding being taken from Hawley. However the only Masamichis I have found are not from this date and province.

Any direction would be very much appreciated, thanks!

Harima no kami Masamichi

Hi Awelch,

Yes, there is Masamichi from Settsu province who signed 播磨守藤原正道 (Harima no kami Fujiwara Masamichi). (I've added the record today). I looked into Nihonto Meikan and this smith is listed there, with no more additional information though. It just says he was from Settsu and he worked at around Jokyō era (1684).


Thanks so much for that info.

Thanks so much for that info. I am trying to track down enough info to justify the cost of restoration or if its of enough national value to return to Japan(since this was apparently a family blade.)

I have a very idiotic question...is there any software I can use that will enable me to view the Japanese script on this and other sites? Thanks again.

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Please have a look at this page.


Thanks Stan, I use Firfox as

Thanks Stan, I use Firfox as my default browser. So I switched back to Explorer and everything works fine, thanks for the help.


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I'm not sure then, I've

I'm not sure then, I've searched all my options but can't find whats wrong.... I suppose I'll just be using two browsers for a while!