Another Wakizashi

I have acquired another Wakizashi. It is said to be Nobuyoshi, but not sure of era, school, date etc. I have included pics of 2 documents that came with the Wakizashi, but (blush blush!) they may be upside down. Any info appreciated.



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The registration document was upside down (fixed now). It was kindly noticed by Matt (@nosword), who also asked to tell you that according to the document the sword was registered in Kyoto on Sep. 14, Showa 50 (1975).

Second page

'Document with Wakizashi' is an official note explaining rules of handling swords in Japan (e.g. that the sword must be always accompanied with the registration card), registration process, what to do if the card is lost etc. There's nothing there about this particular sword.

There were many different Nobuyoshi 信吉. If you have photos of the blade itself, they might provide some clues.

Thanks again for help, I

Thanks again for help, I will get some pics of the blade and post them. Looks like someone has had a go at trying to clean it up.
I see on your list there are Nobuyoshis from 1300's to around 1800's

I have placed pics of the

I have placed pics of the blade on my gallery Stan, I must figure out how to post pics on this page. My next move will be to measure a few things abou the blade and post them. The hamon is just about straight.


Hi Baz, I've uploaded your

Hi Baz,

I've uploaded your photos into the topic.


Kashuu nakago

The shape of the tang (nakago) is a little bit unique, and is called "Kashuu style". This *may* hint that the smith was from the Kaga or Echizen area.


1500's ???

For time period, I'm going to guess 1500's, based on the appearance of the tang.
But I could be wrong by 100 years or so ;-) .