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Help with Mei translation

Hi, I am new to this forum and collecting and would appreciate help with translating the Kanji insciptions on the tangs of a recently purcahed Wakizashi & Katana.
The first two pictures are of the Wakizashi and the next 3 of the Katana. Please note I had to photograph the signature in two parts for one side of the Katana tang.
Thank you for your help.

new images

Hello All,
here are a few more images i hope they help,

Bungo Takada Mei Help

Greetings from yet another newbie.

This sword was discovered by me at the bottom of a box at an estate garage sale over thirty-five years ago. I paid a whopping $20.00 for it, which at the time was actually quite a bit for a thirteen year old. I knew enough back then, thanks to Hawley's article in the old book "Guns of the World," to only oil the blade and to leave the rest of it alone. I tentatively translated the signature but as my resources were very limited I was unable to learn anything more. Sadly, over time I almost forgot I owned it.

kanji help

hello everyone. not sure if im in the right category or not. sorry but im new to this. i just bought my first antique japanese sword. just trying to find out something about it. any help would be greatly appreciated. the temper line is very hard to take a picture of. it is firelike and close to the edge at places. thanks.

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