Osaka Arami Tōshirō / 大阪新身藤四郎

Sword ID 0000-0982  
Type Tanto Tsukurikomi
Nagasa (cm) 28.18 Sori (cm)
Moto-haba (cm) Saki-haba (cm)
Moto-kasane (cm) Saki-kasane (cm)
Mekugi Nakago  


Smith Yoshimitsu School Awataguchi
Period Kamakura (1184-1336) Year
References[?] NN-4-7-17
Location lost to fire in Edo castle in 1615
Certificate Type Certificate ID  

History [1]

The name arami ('new sword') was given due to the fact that the blade had been preserved in kaji-togi polish.

The blade was originally owned by Asakura Sakingo and handed down in the Asakura clan for generations. Asakura clan ruled in Echizen province until Asakura Yoshikage's defeat at Anegawa river on Tenshō 1 (1573). Yoshikage then committed suicide in Ichijogadani castle and the blade went to Oda Nobunaga as a war trophy.

Then it went to Toyotomi Hideyoshi, then to his son Hideyori.

There was a fire in Senjo Shiki hall of Edo castle on Genna 1 (1615) and this blade was supposedly lost.

Workmanship and style

Shape and construction

Length is 9 sun 3 bu.


Gomabashi on omote and ura.


  1. Kyōhō Meibutsu Chō, Yamanaka, Albert , Nihonto Newsletter, Volume I-V, (1968)