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MUNETSUGU Katana. Kanji:備前介宗次

Chiisai katana that was popular during the Bakumatsu period and was in vogue due to the tremendous amount of fighting occurring during this time. Koyama Munetsugu (jojosaku) was one of the most famous makers in this bloody period, and his blades were well known for their sharpness (many have body testcuts on tangs by Yamada Asaemon). This type of sword is very good for in house fighting as it is made very stoutly, and can hold its own against an attack from a longer sword or spear.

The well done hamon of gunome choji midare with ashi and kinsuji shows very well through the excellent polish. The well knit jigane is a very fine ko-itame with very fine even jinie showing the skill of Munetsugu. This wide sword looks very good due to its proportions and is a very nice piece!