Shinto & Shinshinto-kantei

TitleShinto & Shinshinto-kantei
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsSesko, Markus
Number of Pages416

An unavoidable difficulty with books that deal with Japanese swords in general is that the workmanship of a smith has to be reduced to its most important characteristics which can be seen on the majority of his works. It is here that this work comes into play, with the motive to provide more concretely described reference examples. Unique is that – depending on the blade – former participant’s kantei bids are also addressed. This means that one’s own approach and attempt at attributing a blade may also be comprehended. With the 169 introduced shinto and shinshinto blades from altogether 13 provinces, this volume constitutes an extensive reference work. The order starts for shinto with Kyoto, Edo and Settsu, and for shinshinto with Edo.

Citation KeySESKO2012_SSK