Mei : Tsuguie

I am new here. Recently I bought one blade. I was told it is Ko-aoe from Bitchu.
There is Tsuguiye written on the mei. My question is simple- is there anybody who has an image of original Mei of Tsuguiye ? I am searching for it to verify if I am having gimei or not.

If it was not gimei, the blade would be good, created in old Kamakura, by one of the twelve swordsmiths who was summoned by Gotoba the emperor on 13st. century. (more info look for "Ichimonji" )
Of course I would consider that fact very much:-)

I know there is Toko Taikan but I have no access to this book.
I am capable to get some pics of the Mei on my sword and send them, or provide them to be put here, which could be usefull I guest for everybody interested at swords.
But I don´t know how to do that.

So my question is: Can anybody here say something to the mei, or has a picture of the proper mei with the name Tsuguiye from Ko-Aoe, Bitchu ?

Thank you for any reply in advance.


Hi Neldoreth,

My apologies, the image upload was broken. It is fixed now, just press 'Enable rich-text' link below the edit box and click the image icon from the menu which appears above the edit area. The rest should be intuitive enough.

I've looked into Toko Taikan and unfortunately there is no image for Tsuguiye's mei there. Fujushiro doesn't have it either. I'll look into few more books tomorrow and let you know if I find one.

There is no harm though to post the photos of your sword's nakago in case if somebody may have any views on it.



Hello and thank you a lot for reply.

Here is image of the nakago, it is not so easy to take a pic´  because of the rust- I think you know.


Picture of Mei on nakago

- Czech rep., Prague (maybe)

Nihonto Koza

Hi Neldoreth,

I found an example of Tsuguiye's work in Nihonto Koza Vol. III, but the mei is illegible. There is no point of scanning it.

I would suggest you to concentrate on the features of the sword, starting from sugata. Try to identify whether it belongs to the time and place where Tsuguiye was active.



Thank you for reply.
I concetrated on those features and it seems to be all right. But you know- they say that "the wish is mother of thought" (maybe my translation from Czech to English is not so correct) Hamon and the shape fits to old kamakura. It has features specified for the Ko-AOE school. Altough the blade is very tired, I can see that.
Also the blade needs to be polished. Previous owner had terrible knowledge about this type of sword..So I want to be sure I have the tachi from That Tsuguie.

Mybe the blade is Old kamakura, but I wanted to be sure about the swordsmith too. Because of the history of Kanji and Gotoba.

Regard, Jindrich (alias neldoreth)

- Czech rep., Prague (maybe)