Shin Gunto

Hello Everybody,
Greetings from New Zealand.
I have a Shin Gunto in my possession, with the name Nishibei Munenaga
on the tang. ( I think Nishibei is spelled like this ..though,..not sure !! ).
Has anybody heard of this Swordmaker ??
Appreciate any information.
Cheers from Christchurch NZ.


Hi Kevin,

Yes, Hishibe Munenaga is listed in Hawley and also is mentioned on page 120 of Slough's Modern Japanese Swordsmiths: 1868-1945.

I'll try to find out more about this smith over weekend.


Statistically, there were

Statistically, there were around 1 1/2 million swords existing before World War II. Around 1/3 of them were over 2 feet in length (daito). At present, there are more samurai swords in the United Sates than there are in Japan. Japan has no more than 100,000 swords today. Around 250,000 to 350,000 swords has been brought into United States as war souvenirs by returning servicemen after the end of Pacific War during the occupation of Japan. Most of them are long sword (daito) which is formerly used by Japanese commissioned and non-commissioned officers. Around 70% of the long sword are in United States today. Swords of buke-zukuri type, neo-army (shin-gunto) type, proto-army type (kyu-gunto) type, police sabers, army parade sabers, navy types, ken and jindachi-zukuri types have been brought into United States

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