re: Some Very Valuable Contributing to Our Learning From a Leading Source

Great to see Dr Richard Stien making some very valuable contributions, Richard has such a great knowledge and can contribute so much in all our endeavours to learn more and help in the learning about the Japanese Sword and its place in the history, the history of the sword throughout the world, many thanks Richard, please keep adding to our knowledge,

It's an honour

It's an honour and a great opportunity to learn more about Nihonto directly from Dr. Stein.

Thank you so much again, Richard, for spending time and effort to share your knowledge with us.


Thanks for the kind words

Thanks for the kind words guys, but like everyone else
I'm just a beginner on a journey that could take several
lifetimes. Glad to help out any way possible. Just returning
the favors that many have done for me in my quest for
knowledge of Nihonto.

Richard Stein, PhD


Richard Stein, PhD

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