Nihonto Koza Volume III (Koto Part II)

TitleNihonto Koza Volume III (Koto Part II)
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsHonma, Junji, Hon'ami Kozon, Koizumi Hisao, Okonogi Chushichiro, Sato Kanichi, and Koizumi Chikaharu
PublisherAfu Research Enterprises Inc
Number of Pages477
Reprint EditionTranslated by Harry Watson
ISBN Number1-888612-05-03
Keywordsnihonto koza

The Nihon To Koza was first published in Japan in the mid-thirties as a series of 20 plus volumes, then re-edited and re-issued in the late sixties in the form of a ten volume hardbound set. This series has been translated to English and includes all of the pictures and captions from the Japanese version. The translated volumes are 8½ x 11 inches, hardbound, indexed, included a glossary, and run approximately 500 pages each. The current translated set consists of 3 Koto volumes, a Shinto volume, a Shinshinto volume, and a volume on kodogu.

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