Sword identification

Hello there, I have a sword I would like to offer for identification. Please see attached photographs to assist you.
I was given this sword by an elderly neighbour of mine in 1966. She stated that her husband had been in the diplomatic corps in the 'Far East'. No other details.
The blade is 63cm to the hilt, 32mm wide and 6-7mm thick at the hilt and is in very good condition but obviously needs a professional clean by someone who knows what they are doing with the correct materials. The tip of the blade has been broken off. About the last 2 or 3 millimetres.
The wooden scabbard is in reasonable condition but some of the dark brown lacquer has flaked away exposing the wooden underneath. As you will see from the photographs, there is a brown leather out sheath which is obviously 2WW issue and of a very high quality with all it's stitching in place and excellent condition but with various age related marks along it's length. The hilt is held in place with a single wooden peg and the olive cord braiding is dirty but in good condition with no ends showing. The sharkskin underneath is in tact with only one split visible on one side where the wood is showing through.
The brass furniture has lost most of it's gilding but otherwise in very good condition. The leather collar at the tsuba which clips the sword to the scabbard is missing although the 'male' part of the 'popper' is still in place.
I think this is possibly standard military issue but I am hoping (??) it might be a blade handed down through a family (!!).
The Hamon appears NOT to continue round to the very tip of the blade. I think it might have been shortened? Maybe?
The Hamon continues along the length of the blade and ranges from 7mm - 10mm in from the Ha but disappears when it reaches the Kassaki. The shape of the Shinogi appears to have been finished off correctly. I hope I have used the correct terms for these blade parts. Amazing thing the internet.
I would like to obtain an accurate identification of the swordsmith, period, perhaps region and an approximate valuation.
Also, it would be nice if something of it origin and history could be offered.
Should you need any more measurements or photographs please ask and I will supply them.
Thank you for your rapid response to my request and everyone's help and knowledge is very much appreciated.
Kind regards,

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