Identify Cheap Katana Signature

I purchased this katana from Handmade Swords on Amazon. I recently removed the handle and found a signature and could not figure out what it means. If any one could help me figure out what it means, I would appreciate it! Thank you.

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I think it does not matter what the signature reads, as it is not a real traditionaly made japanese sword but a cheap modern piece with a signature made by a cheap engraving machine ( I have similar to mark my bycicle etc.)
This forum is for real japanese swords, not for cheap repros, sorry.


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I do apologize if I have came across as disrespectful. I understand my sword is cheap and this website is for more historical swords. But I did go through the registration process to acquire my permission to post on this website. I do understand my sword is cheap is isn't that meaningful to you. My sword is meaningful to me though, and I hope you can understand this. I just wanted to know the meaning behind this signature. From my research I thought this signature was at least genuine due to the way the markings are made. It looks as though someone used a small punch and punched each symbol. I stated in the post that I understood this was a cheap sword, and I am only coming here cause I can not read this signature on my own, I have tried. I do understand your reason for this comment and I hope I have made my self more visible. If someone passing by that knew a handful about signatures could just stop by and post what they read I would be happy. Im not asking for any type of research or anyone going out of their way to help me. This was the only website that I found that could help me. I will say thank you though for the response. It wasn't what I was expecting due to the recent posts being weeks ago, but I hope I've cleared the air a bit and you understand.


cheap katana signature

I'm realy suprised you weren't just ignored like me.

Me too!

Yea Ive seen the time on the other posts and did not think I would have anyone comment. Unfortunately the comment I did get was not very nice, and I still dont know what the signature says. So dont be too jealous haha. I just wish I could talk to someone that knows alot about the signatures. The first guy said it was made with a cheap engraving tool and yet I cant find any cheap engraving tool that uses a point to punch down the engraving. Even then the engraving is very erratic and not precise like a lazer engraver. I litterally just looked up katana signatures and the hand made signatures are punched down just like mine but way more detailed and time spent on them. So stuff like this would be nice to talk about to someone that would know how they do it and everything instead of being told your sword is a piece of shit, get off this website haha. Good luck man, I hope you get some information.