Help! Info on sword

I remember my former marine grandpa allowing me to look at this when I was s kid, he never talked about how or who it came from, only that he carried it off from Iwo Jima. He passed recently at 93 and surprisingly left it to me. Any info at all would greatly help, I have no idea we’re to start.


A quick look:
The main part of the name is Yoshikazu. In a quick Google search, I did not find him. I don't have reference books any more to look deeper.
The blade looks old (well before 20th century).
The tsuba (handguard) looks nice. Same for the other metal fittings.

Do not "clean", "fix", or "sharpen" anything. No abrasives of any kind. Do not touch the main part of the blade with bare hands. If there is red rust, apply a small amount of good quality gun oil with a soft cloth.

If possible, find an experienced collector that you can show it to in person.



BTW, the saya (scabbard) looks like it might be much newer. The tsuka (handle) also looks rather "fresh", so those parts may have been made around WWII time.
That wouldn't be surprising, and it doesn't hurt the importance of the blade and fittings.



I appreciate that so very much, it has it's own spot in my gunsafe, thank you very much!--Jeremy