menuki crest help

anybody no anything about this crest Thanks

tsuta design

It's not a "crest".
The design looks like it might be "TSUTA", which is ivy.

There are a number of KAMON (family crests) which are based on TSUTA. The most famous is the Toyotomi (as in Toyotomi Hideyoshi).


kool, sorry i thought it was

kool, sorry i thought it was a crest, thanks

Toyotomi Hideyoshi

looks like Toyotomi Hideyoshi,clan, menuki to me 1500s, what do you all think


You need to understand that a design like this is used in many things, not just to represent the Toyotomi family, or some other family, or something else.
And even if the original owner intended it to be a reference to Toyotomi, that does NOT mean that the owner was related to the Toyotomi.

The only way to know that your item has any real connection to the Toyotomi family is if there is strong documentation to prove it. This type of documentation is very rare, of course.


right ,i was thinking someone

right ,i was thinking someone during his time that was part of his people